Branding through Twitter

Twitter is a social media site that you can use to brand a company and promote products. Twitter allows conversations to happen between multiple users, builds a network, and is constantly being updated with newsworthy items. It also allows users to be directly connected with their consumers, no matter where they are located geographically.

Twitter can be used on a personal or business level. When using the micro-blogging site for a brand certain guidelines should be followed, which are explained in the article “The early bird catches the news: Nine things you should know about micro-blogging,” to achieve success for your company. Once you are comfortable using Twitter you will be able to push many messages to multiple audiences.

Research should always be done before creating an account and communicating to customers. You should look to see what consumers are saying about your product or service. If there aren’t any conversations happening about your company, then you have an opportunity to start with a clean slate and get the customers talking. Also, you need to figure out exactly why your company is entering the Twitter environment. It could be to sell a product, get customer feedback, or give product support. Organizational skills must be clearly defined before you start tweeting away. Next, you want to decide whether your company will use a profile representing the business as a whole, or if you will have personal profiles of employees within the organization. If you are going to use personal profiles, it should be obvious to followers that a certain person updates the account. Go back to your organizational goals and see which type of profile will help achieve your mission.

While creating your twitter presence, you want to make sure to appear credible and equable. Your account will not benefit the company if you are not trusted by your followers and don’t have open lines of communication. After you have started tweeting you should always track the success of your twitter to your company’s goals. Look at the amount of money your business has lost or gained because of tweeting. Twitter is a simple site so you do not want to make anything too complicated or structured. Think of your account as a personal relationship with each and every one of your followers. If you are too formal or limited to what you tweet, people will not be interested in reading your timeline. The next thing you want to pay attention to goes back to a few of the previous points. Make sure you are listening to how people are talking about your company. When you see something you want to respond to, tweet directly to them but make sure you have observed the whole situation.

You need to find something that makes your brand stand out. You have to be authentic and relatable. If people don’t believe you, your twitter account will do nothing positive for your company. This comes with being accepted by customers. The last tip for establishing a successful site should be obvious, don’t only plan what you are going to do, but put it in action! You can come up with a strategy but what good will that be if you don’t actually execute it? Branding through Twitter is the whole point for jumping in this type of social media!

After you have developed your Twitter account, people will go to your page to read past posts, creating pull communication for your company. You should continuously be searching for ways to improve your Twitter presence and you can find many other tips in the article “Twitter Best Practices: How to Use Twitter Effectively ~ Making Twitter work for YOU”.

By: Lauren Metz


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