Engaging With Your Audience Through Facebook

For years, Facebook has and remains the most commonly used social networking website. Not only is it used for social purposes, but it has become a key player for marketing successful brands in the corporate world. Andrew Lipsman, Graham Mudd, Mike Rich, and Sean Bruich point out several key factors that Facebook has to offer for companies hoping to engage with their audience in their article, The Power of “Like”: How Brands Reach (and Influence) Fans Through Social-Media Marketing. This piece points out that 90% of time spent on social networking sites is on Facebook, and they lay out important ways Facebook is an effective marketing tool for brands.

Brand mentions on Facebook can come either from the company itself or by being shared through mutual friends on the website. The article discusses two key audiences on Facebook; the first group are the fans of brands–these are people who already support the brand itself and are not only easiest to reach but most likely to engage with. The second group are the friends of fans. These people are the “influencers” of your brand. These people hear about the brand from their friends but also re-share and continue to reach an even larger audience than the fans alone. It is also mentioned that the brands’ main focus should be on reaching and engaging with fans. The importance of fans and friends of fans go hand in hand with this idea. Along with making your brand visible, Facebook is also a helpful resource for better knowing your targeted audience demographically and their specific behavioral patterns. For example, clothing lines like “Abercrombie & Fitch” generally target male and females between the ages of 12 and 21. Therefore, Facebook is a great way to reach this specific group of potential customers.

The article notes the “value of a fan” by discussing how they are assessed. A brand must simply engage as much as possible with their fans in order for them to remain loyal. Brands need to pay attention to how their audience purchases by understanding that behavior and it is essential to reach both fans and friends of fans.

There are clearly huge benefits to companies who market themselves online, especially through Facebook. It offers numerous opportunities and can better reach a larger audience. Companies who are looking to extend their brand through Facebook can refer to Mashable.com’s helpful article on “9 Essential Facebook Marketing Resources”. This short list of tips and guidelines gives ideas from measuring your reach to the top Facebook marketing trends.

In case you still are convinced that Facebook can greatly benefit your brand, check out this video to help change your mind. Key statistics about how this social networking website is so influential is mentioned in this short video. Did you know that the number of Facebook users is equivalent to being the 3rd largest country in the world? That in itself, shows how omnipresent Facebook is throughout the world.

By: Stephanie Strickland


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