Social Media Strategies in the Corporate World

In today’s corporate climate, companies are trying their best to keep up with the needs of their customers. Consumers no longer want to be bombarded with information, but rather have a say in the actions of their favorite companies. The relationship between consumer and company is now a conversation that requires constant attention.

Social media has exploded in recent years. Whether your company has a social media policy or not, your employees will be using Facebook or Twitter on their own personal devices. Rather than ban these social media outlets, companies should embrace the opportunities that they provide. However, a company must first know the risks and rewards of using such outlets and the preferred strategies behind them.

In the article Social Media Strategies, Jim Mortleman talks about how you should go about working in social media into your company culture. The company voice cannot merely be the mission statement transferred online in a humorless, monotone way. Real human beings must interact to show customers that they are listening and engaging in the conversation.

When entering into the social media landscape, a company must outline a set of rules and regulations for their employees. There is a risk of being online, and employees must know the threats that they might encounter. Sensitive company information must always be protected in the ever changing landscape of sophisticated malware. Employees must be educated on what to look out for when they are participating online so they don’t jeopardize the integrity of the company.

There must be a middle ground of the control a company has on their social media presence. You can’t be too controlling of your employees participation because that will hinder their innovative capacities and drive the social media use underground. At the same time, the social media landscape cannot be a free-for-all without any clear policies. A thought out strategy is necessary before entering into the social media world.

This video below explains the advantages of social media in a marketing landscape. People are constantly searching your company whether you have an online presence or not. It is imperative to get your company online so consumers can look at what your doing. It is a great tool to elaborate on your company’s mission and help your reputation.

By: Adam Okimatsu


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