Making your brand visual through Pinterest

Pinterest is the one of the more recent additions to the social media family. It is essentially a virtual cork board that allows people to share and view images of products, ideas and just about anything you can take a picture of. A “pin” is a video or image attached to a pinboard. A “pinboard” is a set of pins based on a theme. With over 12 million users, there is no surprise that brands and consumers alike are using this new platform without hesitation.

Pinterest can be very beneficial to companies and brands trying to raise awareness about a product or idea. For example, brands can link “pins” to the company website where the information was found originally, ultimately redirecting consumers right where they want them to be, exploring the brand’s website. Also, through “repining”, or sharing “pins”, Pinterest creates “virtual marketing” in a clear and organized manner.

Once your brand has been convinced that Pinterest is great tool for marketing to consumers, it is important to know how to use Pinterest in the most effective way. In the article, Pinterest for business: How to make it work, Caroline Veldman illustrates pointers so that brands can implement an effective strategy.

First, Veldman highlights that Pinterest is extremely visual, therefore, creativity is key. Using creativity to make “pins” that people will want to share is important when trying to reach a large audience.

It is also important to humanize your brand to make your pins something that your consumers can relate to. While showcasing products and ideas on Pinterest, you should always make sure that you are showcasing your business’s personality. This will help you to gain credibility and customer loyalty.In order to help the “reach” aspect of this social media platform, you should build a community of supporters who will share the brands ideas for you.

Finally, and the absolute most vital thing to do is start relationships and create conversations with customers. The main reason social media outlets have become such a popular tool for brands is because of their ability to spark conversations about their products and to gain feedback from consumers. This new social media platform is no different.

If you keep these tips in mind when crafting your brand’s Pinterest, you should have no trouble raising brand awareness effectively. Happy “pinning”!

You can find more information on the importance of incorporating Pinterest and visual marketing into your social media strategy within this video. The video focuses specifically on Pinterest and its benefits at 2:25.

By: Gina Mogavero


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