One Video Can Ruin A Reputation, But One Video Cannot Rebuild It

It can take just one blog post, one Facebook status, one tweet, or one online video to completely shatter your company’s reputation once it goes viral. Ironically though, one social media apology by the company will not help you save face.

Dave Carroll illustrates how his YouTube music video “United Breaks Guitars” had the power to turn an entire company upside down. After United Airlines broke the musician’s guitar in checked luggage and he received terrible customer service while trying to get compensated, Carroll turned to songwriting. He wrote a song about his experience and posted the music video to YouTube. His story changed social media customer service forever. Companies learned that the power of one voice on social media can completely destroy a brand’s reputation.

It takes more than just one apology video to repair a damaged reputation like that though. As discussed in previous posts, it is important to connect with your consumers through their desired social channels, especially in the light of a customer service mistake. The buck can’t stop there. An apology video posted to YouTube should only be the start.

Media columnist Simon Dumenco discusses how companies tend to use the “social apology” scapegoat so often that there should be an entire YouTube channel dedicated to them. His point is that they are overdone and do not solve the problem at hand. Rather, companies should engage their consumers in conversation and monitor what is being said about them in the social media world. When they find a disgruntled customer, they should respond to them personally and try to resolve or compensate whatever issue he or she has. Building such relationships with the public will ultimately have a positive effect on your brand’s image.

By: Gina Cook


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