Social Media and Employee Education

The uses of social media are constantly expanding. Companies today are using these outlets to educate their employees in a number of different ways.

In Social Media: Learning’s New Ecosystem, Frank Kalman explores the ways companies are using social media to enhance company culture and employee education. Companies like IBM use their online communities in the recruiting process. As a result, newly hired employees have an understanding of the company culture and are welcomed into the company with a little more insight than ever before.

Social media is also being used as a way to promote community learning. With the aging working force, new technologies are not so familiar with everyone. The social media venues are acting as a way for others to teach each other how to use them. For example, a younger employee can teach an older employee how to use Facebook through Facebook.

Some companies like GE have their own internal networks that are used as discussion forums after learning classes. Social learning can be a beneficial driver in the overall company education for an employee.

Social media has motivated employees to learn on a higher level with larger groups of people. This allows for the marketplace of ideas and a better understanding of what is being learned. It seems as though employees are taking more responsibility within their respective companies and are being active learners within their communities. This is a shift from the traditional role of the employer taking more of the responsibility.

Another outlook on social media with a company is how to use it for hotel employee recruiting. This article breaks it down with a series of tips on how to construct your social media presence when recruiting within the hospitality industry. Pay attention to number four, “create a user experience.” This is one of the most important aspects of having a social media presence.

By: Adam Okimatsu


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