Corporate Branding in the Eyes of Virgin America

A company’s brand and reputation is one of the most crucial aspects when trying to attract customers. Consumers like to identify themselves with a company, not always for what the company produces, but for what the company represents. Certain company brands may represent rebellion while others represent stability.

Virgin is an example of a company who’s brand is a major part of who they are. Virgin America, Virgin’s airline sector, released their “Breath of Fresh Airline” campaign to spread the word about how they’re reinventing domestic flying. They wanted to advertise some of their new features like mood lighting, in-cabin entertainment, and on-demand food ordering.

The campaign was released in a set of videos, each spotlighting one of the new features. The videos perfectly reflected the company’s reputation. Virgin as a company has always had a sense of humor and a quality of freshness that is product of their founder, Richard Branson. They take pride in being “hip” and having a large sense of style as a company.

Branson has been at the forefront of trying new ways to advertise, whether it be flying across the Atlantic Ocean in a hot air balloon, or using their planes as billboards. Virgin’s goal is always to be found on the front page, not the back.

Based on the brand, Virgin has been able to create a customer base that is excited to be a part of the company and feels “cool” in doing so.

Because of their cutting edge advertising campaigns and quality airline service, Virgin America has been able to capture the title of Best Domestic Airline.

The video channel below is an example of the Breath of Fresh Airline Campaign. The video channel displays the mood lighting feature, but in a way that is entertaining and fitting to the company brand.

*The videos will play through automatically

By: Adam Okimatsu


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