“My Marriott Hotel” – Branding through a Social Media Game

Marriott International Incorporated was the first company to launch a social media game that targets employees and potential candidates. The article “Social media gaming – a recipe for employer brand success” discusses how the company uses its employees to brand their image through the social media game.

Marriott International Incorporated uses employees as their brand. They do not try to just brand a message through their employees, but want them to actually be their brand. “My Marriott Hotel” is a game that is played on Facebook that allows players to run their own kitchen. Players get to make choices on how the kitchen operates, who is on staff, ingredients, main dishes offered, etc.

“My Marriott Hotel” was developed from employee feedback, sending out the message that Marriott International Incorporated, as a company, is essentially its employees. This social media game gives current and future employees a better sense of what it takes to run the hotel. This promotes working for their company, specifically the hospitality department, as a career rather than just a little job.

The game balances having fun, and interacting with the audience, along with educating people about the company. It is internally and externally branding because players develop a certain feeling towards the company after committing to the game and experiencing what it is, or would be, like to work for Marriott International Incorporated. The company is also promoting itself globally by making the game available in 101 countries.

When creating a social media game there are many things your company should consider. The article “26 Elements of a Gamification Marketing Strategy” explains some techniques to make your game a success.

By: Lauren Metz


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