Delta Airlines Educates: Using YouTube to Stop Rude Passengers

When it comes to hospitality and travel, it is often hard to pinpoint one certain kind of etiquette that should be used when traveling. When it comes to how to act at weddings or a dinner party, there are plenty of books to read and “rules” to keep in mind. However, when it comes to traveling, there is not as much guidance as to how to properly conduct yourself as a passenger.

Delta Airlines began to see a trend that some passengers were not bring considerate of others and they wanted to do something about it. They created short 50 second animated clips to try to raise awareness of behavior in these delicate social situations. These clips are called Planeguage and illustrate different types of ill mannered passengers.

In the article, Delta Wants Us to Mind our Manners; Airline has Created Humorous Videos to Help Curb Passengers’ Rude and Unruly Behavior,   the Hamilton Spectator explains the motives behind the Planeguage videos and how they are benefiting the airline.

There are several small clips, such as “Middleman” about a middle-seat bully, “Kidtastrophe” about young unruly toddlers, and “Shady Lady” about a woman who is inconsiderate of other passengers when opening or closing her shades. There are plenty of other clips but these are the three prominent ones.

The video below is a montage of seven Planeguage clips, however, watch 0:57 for “Kidtastrophe”, tune into 2:25 for “Middleman” and watch 3:08 for “Shady Lady”. These three best illustrate rude behavior in a comical, relatible way.

Tim Mapes, Delta Airline’s Vice President of Marketing, said that Delta has been trying to understand what people go through as travelers and that these videos are an attempt to remind passengers to have manners when flying Delta. The hope is that these videos will make the experience of flying with Delta Airlines a better experience.

By using sending the message through animated videos, Delta is cutting a lot of production costs and through using YouTube as the main distribution method, they are ensuring they will have a large reach of people that will potentially see the video. The humor in the videos is also likely to be remembered and resonate with travelers who will think back to the short clips when they are traveling.

Delta Airlines has been receiving a lot of praise for their efforts. Chris Mainz, a spokesman for Southwest Airlines, said that after being criticized for telling a woman that her outfit was too revealing, hope to follow Delta’s lead in educating people on etiquette when traveling.

Andrew R. Thomas, an assistant professor at the University of Akron, and author of several travel books says that the problem is that airlines assume that travel behavior is common sense when in fact it is not for everyone. Thomas praises Delta for educating passengers.

This article shows Delta as an excellent example of how companies (travel related or not) can use YouTube to address issues, but also, educate and raise awareness about anything the company might wish for consumers to know.

By: Gina Mogavero


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