Domino’s Turning a Crisis into Company Success

Domino’s Pizza had quite the crisis on their hands after two employees filmed a video of them contaminating the ingredients while making a pizza and posted it on YouTube. The video eventually had over one million views and was being talked about on multiple mediums. In the article “Hoaxes and the Paradoxical Challenges of Restoring Legitimacy: Dominos’ Response to Its YouTube Crisis” Domino’s crisis response strategy is discussed and praised for turning their bad situation into a good one.

At first Domino’s didn’t want to publicly make a statement because they didn’t want to draw attention to the video, but quickly realized that was not an option. The president of the company filmed his own YouTube video, addressing the issue. They realized that in order to reach the same public that viewed the employee made video, it was necessary to respond through the same outlet.

Domino’s took this terrible situation, and made it into something positive. They reevaluated their hiring process and food safety practices. Although the video was filmed in only one store, Domino’s inspected every pizza place and made sure they were sanitized. This showed to the public that they really do care about food safety. Also, they immediately fired the employees and took legal action against them.

They created a special twitter account that was strictly for answering questions about the incident. From this, Domino’s learned that a web presence was essential to their company as a whole, aside from the crisis. This online presence ended up boosting their revenue and created interactions with current and potential customers.

By creating this outlet for customers to give feedback, Domino’s learned how valuable consumer criticism is to the company. They created a new type of pizza that was all based off of customer feedback.

Domino’s made this crisis into a learning experience. They ended up having increased revenue and bettering their company as a whole. Domino’s realized it’s better to not try to avoid the issue, but address it, take action, and start over.

Not all companies have such a good outcome from a crisis, and Chick-Fil-A might be one of them. In the article “5 Lessons To Learn From Chick-Fil-A’s Social Media Crisis” there are some criticisms of how Chick-Fil-A handled their recent crisis. The crisis happened in July 2012 and started over the religious values Chick-Fil-A is associated with.

Domino’s was lucky to have such a good situation come out of their crisis, but just remember, it’s possible to make happen!

By: Lauren Metz


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