Citigroup Improving Customer Satisfaction Through Twitter

As I mentioned in my first post, Twitter has provided companies another outlet for branding, building relationships and providing their latest news. The article “Citi Won’t Sleep on Customer Tweets” explains how Citigroup is using Twitter as a part of a larger effort to improve customer satisfaction. Citigroup created a special team that is trained specifically for social media use. They have a personal Twitter account, which is @askCiti, that allows customers to tweet direct questions and problems to them.

Using Twitter develops a more personal relationship with the customers. Citigroup realized that by using social media, they also increase their profits. Seeing the customer response to Twitter led the company to understand just how technologically savvy potential users are.

Giving customers the @askCiti outlet to voice their opinions, also allows promotion of Citigroup. Followers who tag @askCiti to ask a question, are indirectly promoting the company. All of the followers of the customer will see the account name, and have the ability to go look at the account. Customers can also tag @askCiti anytime to let people know about their experience.

Research has shown that large banks are having trouble establishing a presence in the social world, and are not easy for customers to contact. Citigroup has had better results with customer satisfaction since developing @askCiti. The forum simplifies the process of asking questions, and is much more direct than being transferred from person to person over a phone call.

Using Twitter has the potential to both hurt and help your company. Citigroup is using the outlet to improve customer satisfaction, but with specific techniques and strategies, various positive outcomes can be achieved. The article “5 Ways Your Business Should Use Twitter Hashtags” discusses how a company can benefit by using hastags. Depending on the goal of your Twitter account, hashtags can be used to create conversations, generate new ideas and develop a unique association to your company.

By: Lauren Metz


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