Maintaining the Starbucks Brand with the Help of Facebook

As previously mentioned, Facebook serves as a social media tool to positively enhance a company brand. The article, “Converting a social network into a brand network: How brand profile on Facebook is used as an online marketing communication tool” states that Facebook has more than 500 users to date, which gives an incredible marketing opportunity for businesses to promote their brand. Social Media Today lists the 10 most successful brands on Facebook and one particular company that utilizes this social networking website very well is Starbucks.

Starbucks’ Facebook page stands out for their consistent customer engagement by posting at least once a day. The company speaks in a happy-go-lucky and innovative voice, resulting in approximately 15,000 Likes daily.

It’s not just the company’s effective use of Facebook that makes Starbucks successful, Joseph Ruiz lists several other marketing communication factors the company utilizes in the article, “6 Reasons Starbucks Marketing Communications Strategy is so Effective”.

  1. Keeping the brand consistent—Starbucks created their own persona and logo that is recognizable wherever you go. Keeping it consistent has increased their visibility and help the company stand out in a unique way.
  2. Giving viewers a full web experience—Starbucks recognizes customers’ rewards and other ways to access their account and locate different stores. The company even takes advantage of story telling where everyday customers and their experience with the company are documented through video.
  3. Delivering content through numerous channels—Starbucks has many Twitter and Facebook followers and sends out daily emails to subscribers. The company manages to inform their audience, rather than endorsing their products.
  4. Making things mobile—Starbucks has their own app where customers can purchase products, add money to their personal card and locate stores. Email subscribers can also receive their daily emails on their smart phone.
  5. Easy to share content—regardless of what type of communication channel being utilized, Starbucks makes sure customers are able to share whatever messages they are sending to gain an even larger audience.
  6. Create conversation with customers—Starbucks allows consumers to post different ideas on their social networking web sites, where the company provides feedback in return. This not only gives the company more creative ideas, but it also enhances the relationship between the company and customer, which is essential.

There are several lessons other companies can learn from Starbucks regardless of industry. Starbucks has been and will continue to be a leading brand thanks to their obvious visibility on Facebook and their effective marketing strategy.

By: Stephanie Strickland


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