IKEA Gets Personal With New YouTube Tool

As I discussed in my September 24 post, one negative video posted to YouTube can completely shatter a company’s reputation, but organizations have learned how to use this medium to their benefit. If sufficient effort is put into it, YouTube can be an effective tool in building your brand. According to Leslie Bressor, assistant account executive at Edelman Worldwide, “YouTube is a great venue for ‘how to’ videos and cause campaigns.”

International home improvement store, IKEA is a great example of how a company has innovatively used YouTube. The purpose of the IKEA USA channel is to inspire customers and future customers using how-to videos and design tips. One playlist included on their channel is “How To Build,” which contains instruction videos like how to assemble a sliding frame.

IKEA also launched a 3D Showroom. The tool uses information from Facebook and creates a virtual IKEA bedroom that can be customized by the user to create their ideal bedroom.

Screen shot of 3D Showroom

In addition to the tips for how to better broadcast yourself that I posted on September 17, here are some additional marketing strategies for YouTube:

The blog Pamorama recommends that you should find unique ways to express your brand. IKEA does this with their 3D Showroom.  The author also advises that you don’t be too promotional, but rather show your audience how to get the most out of your products or services. IKEA uses instructional videos to help their customers assemble their products. She also suggests that your videos be short. For longer videos, you can break them up into series. Then group similar videos in a playlist. To engage your audience, encourage them to submit their own ideas and content to be included in future videos.

By: Gina Cook


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