Better Homes and Gardens Visually Engages with Consumers through Pinterest

The value of Pinterest as a resource for companies to use as marketing tools was highlighted in the previous blogpost entitled, Making Your Brand Visual Through Pinterest. This post talked about how Pinterest is a useful tool for companies to establish a visual relationship with consumers to market their brand. However, it can sometimes be hard to efficiently use Pinterest to raise brand awareness and engage with consumers.

Better Homes and Gardens has done an exemplary job of using Pinterest to promote themselves. In the article The Pinterest Payoff, Stephanie Botelho and Bill Mickey describe Better Homes and Garden’s efforts and show why companies should partake in similar pinning activities.

In March of 2012, Better Homes and Gardens launched a Pinterest contest called “Pin and Win”. For this cash-prize contest, users were asked to create a “My Better Homes and Gardens Dream Home” board for them to re-pin images from the Better Homes and Gardens page. By creating this contest, they not only drew more users to their page but they had their consumers doing the advertising for them. Today, our peers are the greatest influencers when it comes to disseminating information about products and therefore, things that we see our friends re-pin or like, are things we pay more attention to.

Gayle Butcher, the editor in chief for Better Homes and Gardens says in the article that they recognized the power of Pinterest through the visual aspect and the sharing potential and decided that it was something they needed to take advantage of. Better Homes and Gardens not only launched a successful contest, but they also have over sixty boards in which consumers can look to for inspiration or decorating tips. Some examples of these boards are “Livable Living Rooms” and “Fun Front Doors”.

Butcher explains that their goal is to use Pinterest to drive engagement with consumers. It is pretty clear that Better Homes and Gardens is doing a sufficient job of this engagement when you look at their amount of followers. They have over 2 million total board followers, which speaks volumes to their engagement efforts. The smart thing that Better Homes and Gardens is doing is getting feedback and gathering information from their consumers through looking at other things their target market is pinning or interested in. By looking at styles and visuals that their consumers like, they can design new favorable gardens and home décor that will better appeal to the people they are trying to reach. If that’s not engagement, what is?

Learn more here about how to create sharable Pinterest pictures for your business!

By: Gina Mogavero


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