How Zappos is Corporate Blogging the Right Way

Online retailer has gained a reputation in years past for impeccable customer service.  The site boasts free shipping both ways, a year-long time frame for returns, and according to’s article “Top Ten CEO Blogs,” ”gives a penetrating look into the shoe marketer’s plans, challenges and insanely customer—focused culture.”

The issue of transparency is one that presents itself often in the world of successful corporate communication.  Consumers like to be able to know what’s going on “behind closed doors” in a company being able to know whether or not the company actually holds true to the values it advertises is important when brand loyalty and trust are concerned.

Zappos’ CEO and COO Blog stays true to its namesake, with posts being made by CEO Tony Hsieh and COO Chris Nielsen, both very recognizable figureheads in the company.  Hsieh takes transparency to a whole new level, sharing full corporate emails written by other C-level executives with readers.  Also, Nielsen used the blog as a medium to announce that the company will no longer ship to Canada and shared the reasons behind the decision, mainly because Zappos’ impeccable U.S. customer services were not up-to-par in Canada.

The blog also includes a live Twitter feed alongside the posted content and also displays keywords and links to popular archived posts.  These additions aid in usability, another highly necessary component of corporate blogs.

By: Claudia Pitarque


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