CEOs, get blogging!

With the recent rise in popularity of blogging, it is no wonder that some companies have decided to make themselves available to consumers through this new channel. It has become more crucial for companies, more specifically CEO’s to blog about their brand.

In the article, Some pros and cons of corporate blogging, Mary Jo Finchum, the public relations administrator for Stanley Consultants, talks about why companies should blog and why companies would want to stay away from blogging.

Finchum mentions that some companies are hesitant to blog because of the amount of time and effort it can take up. The element of time to devote to blogging is something that most CEO’s in particular do not have an abundance of. There is also a looming fear of negative comments or less than desirable feedback.

Although these two cons to corporate blogging seem substantial, Finchum lists more than four times as many reasons why CEO’s should participate in blogging. She starts by saying that coporate blogging increases a companies credibility because consumers see their willingness to share inside information and that the company cares enough to inform them. Blogging also adds to the transparency of the company because it is so informal.

While pushing out company messages, CEO’s can also raise brand awareness through making the corporate image more accessible. Finchum talks about the level of reach potential that blogging has, making it seem like companies would be foolish not to blog. She talks about how a company can gain extra exposure through search engine optimization and she points out that within the “blogging community” blogs tend to link to other blogs, raising exposure even more.

One of the most important aspects of a corporate blog that is discussed is the amount of interaction with the target market on a personal level. Finchum talks about how CEO blogging can “humanize” a company by providing an opportunity for casual communication that does not exist on more official traditional channels. Blogging allows for more interaction with potential consumers as well as, feedback from consumers on what your company is doing good or what could use improvement. With this many pros to corporate blogging it is easy to see why so many companies have created blogs. CEOs, start blogging!

Corporate Blogging can be a daunting task, here are a few tips that were highlighted in the article, Five ‘no regrets’ moves for superior customer engagement

  1. Create a environment for customer engagement
  2. Appoint employees to monitor and encourage customer engagement
  3. Make someone the “chief content officer” (CCO)
  4. Listen
  5. Constantly look for ways to improve engagement

Devon Warwick, an analyst for OpenView Labs, talks about the importance of creating engagement through corporate blogging. Start watching at 0:34 to hear about how consumers can learn more about your company through blogging. Her biggest piece of advice is to post relevant content in a timely manner.

By: Gina Mogavero


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