Cross Promote Your Message

We have discussed best practices for each major social media platform using various examples. A common theme that I have found in the examples of successful social media practices is the cross promotion of these sites.

Screenshot of Starbucks Facebook page

Disney promotes their blog posts on Twitter and Facebook. They also embed their YouTube videos on their Facebook page and on their blog. Starbucks links to their Facebook, Twitter, and Google + accounts on their website, while also using an RSS feed of their recent blog posts. You can even access their Pinterest boards on Facebook. And Zappos has a live Twitter feed alongside their blog posts.

Social media sites are making cross promotion easy for their users. Pinterest gives users the option to share “pins” on Twitter and Facebook. Instagram enables users to post directly to Twitter and Facebook. And most blogging sites have a Twitter widget for live feeds.

The article “Effective Social Media Cross Promotion with Facebook” explains the importance of developing a social media strategy that cross promotes through various channels. “After everything is said and done, what you need is a social media plan that can connect your various social media pages as best as it can be done, so your fans and prospects can have the clean, simple, and engaging experience they deserve.”

The main benefit of cross promotion is that it allows an organization to reach one customer through multiple channels. The blog discusses how an company can deliver multiple calls to action without appearing too intrusive to their customers.

By: Gina Cook


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