The Importance of Branding Online

As stated in earlier posts, the purpose of this blog is to outline the most successful ways of implementing social media into a company’s marketing or branding strategy.  In understanding the best practices for doing so, it is relevant to mention the importance of branding online.

In the article Social Media in Branding: Fulfilling a Need, the author discusses 9 goals that must be in the back of one’s head when implementing social media into a strategy.

  1. Build a sense of membership or citizenship with the organization
  2. Encourage the acceptance and communication of brand value
  3. Encourage the audience to engage in dialogue and promote the brand
  4. Help the organization find and maintain a competitive advantage
  5. Inform the vision behind the brand and build differentiation for it
  6. Evaluate whether the brand is being properly communicated to and understood by the audiences
  7. Build positive brand associations
  8. Build the perceived quality of the brand
  9. Build greater awareness of the brand to audiences that it has not yet reached

These goals are essential to the success of a company’s branding strategy and shouldn’t be overlooked.

The author also states how people tend to gravitate towards Facebook and Twitter and other similar social media sites. A company will be left out if they don’t have a presence on these outlets. These sites allow for user feedback and is an inexpensive way to achieve all of the goals outlined above.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Virgin Airlines is a great example of a company branding themselves online and doing it in a way that shows off their company personality and consumer base.


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