Overall Best Practices

Throughout our blog, the Travel and Hospitality team has posted material about everything a PR practitioner needs to know to manage their company’s brand. This week, we will each be writing about our overall takeaways from our research and examples that have been previously listed. Check out each of the following posts and learn more about the best practices in the travel and hospitality industry.


Social Media Best Practices From Other Industries

So far, our blog has covered a wide range of topics about corporate communication and the web within the hospitality and travel industry. This week we will be looking at several success stories from companies outside the travel industry. These companies might be different from one another, but they all have one thing in common: they effectively utilize the social media to benefit their brand.

The next couple of posts will analyze renowned companies with some helpful tips for brands to take note of. Enjoy learning more about these unique companies.

By: The Hospitality and Travel Team

Managing Company Reputations

Reputation Management is vital in ensuring a company’s success. A reputation can be damaged in an instant and it is up to the company on how they will handle specific situations. Crises can be viewed as an opportunity for your company to grow, but if actions are not implemented quickly, brands will suffer greatly.

The next few posts will discuss examples of companies that were faced with crises and either bounced back from the situation or were left with a tarnished brand. We hope these examples are helpful to learn what not to do in these high-stress situations and take notes on companies that were able to improve their company for the better.

By: Hospitality and Travel team

The Importance of Branding

This week, the Hospitality and Travel team will be discussing the concept of branding. This is crucial to ensure a company’s success, and there have been numerous companies within this industry that positively maintain their overall brand.  Not only will this idea be better explained in the next few posts, but we will also point out the key companies who are successful in brand management.

Before we discuss these specific companies, it is important to understand what branding actually is. Joel Postman, author of Social Corp: Social Media Goes Corporate, defines branding as, “the sum total of our experiences with a company, its products, services, and employees, and the way those experiences shape our perception of the company.” As you read each post, we will be sure to make a connection between these companies and the definition.

We hope you enjoy learning more about branding and the renowned travel companies that positively demonstrate this idea.

By: Hospitality and Travel team

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